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Welcome to rootsolutions

rootsolutions is the software development division of root studio. While quite active in the 00's of this century, development has nearly halted.

We continue to support all installed software, but release of new versions is not likely until further notice. For those of you running older operating systems, we still keep our shop open and continue to support the software.

System requirements


Our software runs on Macintoshes up until 10.6.8. (Snow Leopard with Rosetta installed). Later OS versions will not work.


Windows versions were tested up to Windows 8. Later versions may or may not work. If you are using a later OS version and would give it a try, we'd be happy to hear from you whether your tests were successful.

Purchasing info

Throughout ReadMe files and other documentation, you are likely to encounter references to Kagi, our payment processing service that has ceased operations as of August 2015. As such, we now accept PayPal only. You can find more details on ordering here.