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About TanManager

*** NEWSFLASH*** For compatibility with OSX 10.7 (Lion) and above, please read the information in the system requirements

TanManager helps you keep track of your transaction numbers (TANs), used by many online banking services. It saves you the hassle to look up a TAN each time you use an online account, logs each transaction with a date, and copies the next available TAN to the clipboard, ready to paste into your web browser. Its small screen size minimizes dragging windows around on your desktop.

Key features

  • point and click interface.
  • keeps track of TANs for any number of accounts.
  • uses the clipboard to enter your TANs into the bank's web pages.
  • password protection.
  • valid TANs are scrambled and never visible until used.
  • support for indexed TAN accounts.
  • freeware
Clean Award from Softpedia

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