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The Timewaster Collection

*** NEWSFLASH*** For compatibility with OSX 10.7 (Lion) and above, please read the information in the system requirements

Tired of software that pretends to save you time? At last, here's one that doesn't: introducing the Timewaster Collection, a set of games designed for brutally effective time wasting management.

Included games

MeanOne: a rolling the dice game that will drive you nuts. Best played against humans, but an autistic mode is also provided. Timewasting factor: 8

StarWhiz: an outer space adventure for the nostalgic at heart and wasters of time. Plenty of cliches included. Save the galaxis, not your time. Timewasting factor: 9

LabVirus: remember that terrorist in the lab? He's back and he will relentlessly attack your health (and your time). Timewasting factor: 7

Version 3.0 and later offer these additional stories:
In 'Aliens', you take the part of mission mutant Brz who's watching for evil aliens. Don't let them mungaloo your favorite zorklex again! Then find out why the big Loyross Groymooph awards you a big wart after 250 human years.
In 'Leaky roofs', Pat, your neighbor, and you become some sort of local celebrities because of a rather peculiar method of fixing leaking roofs. It also earns you quite a bit of free drinks while you're at it!
And if this isn't enough, you can create and share your own stories with LAPSE (Labvirus Assistant for Programmatic Story Editing).

MagicNumbers: this one is unlocked upon registering the Timewaster Collection, so no further information is given. Timewasting factor: 10

Hall of fame

You can have your time wasting log and scores published here.
Please download the SubmitScore document first (PDF format).

time log
[nobody yet]

Michel Schreiber: 55900

[nobody yet] 00000
Clean Award from Softpedia

© Stefan Schramm

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