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Virtual WineCellar

*** NEWSFLASH*** For compatibility with OSX 10.7 (Lion) and above, please read the information in the system requirements

Virtual WineCellar is an easy-to-use cellaring software for wine collectors. It keeps you informed about stock and history, shows the current value of your wine collection, keeps track of your suppliers, and gives you the option of ordering directly from within wine cellar. Apart from the standard data entry fields, it features several advanced functions, like user defined fields, a suppliers database with order-to-inventory processing, integration with Vinote (TM) barcoded neck tags, support for digitized bottle labels, and much more.

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Key features

  • intuitive, point and click interface.
  • fields for wine name, country, appellation, grape, year, maturity, etc. in logical grouping.
  • additional user customizable fields.
  • summaries for number of bottles, total cost, market value, and appreciation.
  • automatic reminders for wines that reached/passed maturity.
  • easy order - order directly from within Virtual WineCellar.
  • integration with Vinoté (TM) bar coded neck tags*.
  • extensive finding and sorting functions.
  • displays your own rating both numerically and graphically.
  • import function for scanned wine labels.
  • optimized print form.
  • report function for further editing in your favourite word processor.
  • extensive, context-sensitive on-line help.

* The Vinote neck tag system has changed since the latest release. The barcodes do not include the printed alpha character before the seven numeric digits. As a result, barcode scanned searches may return negative results. An easy-to-use workaround for both neck tag systems is being investigated for the next release.

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