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Looking for StudioSystem? For legal reasons, the name has been changed, effective June 10, 2003. Except for the new name, the product remains exactly the same.


*** NEWSFLASH*** For compatibility with OSX 10.7 (Lion) and above, please read the information in the system requirements

StudioEase helps you minimize the time spent on management and administration chores of your studio(s). Logical links between the files help you get to any information quickly.

Key features

  • Point-and-click interface.
  • Cost-effective: solutions of this type are typically custom-programmed and cost hundreds of dollars. StudioEase costs no more than a roll of multitrack tape.
  • Integration: StudioEase is communication and accounting software, archive, address, and inventory database, studio calculator, appointment keeper, label, track, and cue sheet printer, and more for all studio activity.
  • Support for international users: customize all printable forms with local language templates (English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian already included).

Included modules

  • archive - keep track of your tape libraries and work information.
  • audio tools - all the production calculators and utilities you'll ever need.
  • projects - track daily studio activity and create related records, such as archive entries, invoices, track sheets, etc. with a single click.
  • inventory - your equipment's serial numbers, value, wiring info, etc.
  • invoicing - print invoices with only a few mouse clicks. Automatic tracking of overdue payments and instant overview of income by client, period, etc.
  • budget - make detailed project estimates and fax them to clients.
  • calendar - enter appointments and booking information for your studios.
  • contacts - name/address database. Lets you print faxes/letters, envelopes, mailing lists, etc.
  • cue sheet - create cue sheets for Film/TV work and share them with others using CueImport.
  • label print - print professional looking labels for most media types.
  • main menu - central navigation, password protection, graphics preferences, language setup, and other system-wide settings.
  • messages - virtual bulletin board for studio and production personnel.
  • sound lib - manage your sample and sound library with user-defined key word searches.
  • supplies - a database of the goods and services your studio offers.
  • to do - a list of pending tasks. Supports chainable and renewable items.
  • track sheet - print track, outboard recall, and locator sheets for your multitrack sessions.
  • notepad - jot down quick notes and access them from anywhere in StudioEase.
  • help - extensive, context-sensitive on-line documentation.
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